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A great welcome to Maxi Cab Bookings, the well-reputed online and offline taxi rental and hiring Service Company. It was established in the year 2001, to help travelers save their precious time and reach their desired destination with all ease.

Maxi Cab Bookings offers the most reliable and hassle free services throughout Singapore covering its major cities in Singapore. Maxi Cab Bookings provides both outstation taxi booking and local cab services. We operate our network and offices at all major cities of Singapore. We have professional drivers to customers accessed our service. To make online booking simple we launched a mobile app which enables customers pay money online or by cash.

Dear travelers, we cater our service with a sense of safety, reliability and assurance. So, with all these benefits on your way, you can stop at us to reach your way on time in a simple way.

Mobile App Booking in Android

It is an smartphone app based booking and dispatch platform for the taxi industry in Singapore. Maxi Cab Bookings aims to introduce simple, cost effective mobile-based technology to both the supply (dispatch companies) and demand (passenger) sides of the distribution chain. With this technology, Maxi Cab Bookings hopes to optimize the matching process between taxi fleets and passengers. We believe Maxi Cab Bookings is uniquely positioned to capture these market opportunities as we are using leading edge technology to develop a more cost effective and functional solution than other available alternatives.

Telephone booking

Relax in comfort as professional drivers take you to your destination on time. Simply call Maxi Cab Bookings and all arrangements for the provision of your transport will be managed. Call Fast Track at any time of the day or night, and within minutes, a metered and well-appointed AC taxi will arrive to take you comfortably and safely to your destination.